Marvellex Blockchain is fork of Ethereum blockchain and smart contract of Marvellex is capable of running all different kinds of applications on Marvellex Blockchain such as crypto tokens, games, payment and IT projects , etc. whereas Marvellex Eco System have two coins as follows : MARVELLEX CLASSIC: Marvellex Classic is a crypto coin powered by Marvellex Blockchain MARVELLEX GOLD: Marvellex Gold is a stable coin of Marvellex Eco system 1Gram Gold = 1 MLXG 100% backed by Gold with online custodian certificates for each coin.

Marvellex Classic + -

Marvellex Classic is a digital loyalty coin powered by Marvellex Blockchain

Marvellex GOLD + -

Marvellex Gold is a stable coin of Marvellex Eco system 1Gram Gold = 1 MLXG 100% backed by Gold with online custodian certificates for each coin.


Marvellex wallet is already launched and available on Play store / App store on android Phones and iPhones.


Marvellex Exchange will be launched with unique feature of offline usage in AUGUST 2022

Stability + -

We wanted Marvellex to be a decentralized network that has some intrinsic value which is not tied entirely to its technology and community, as is the case with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, the Marvellex Blockchain is the first of its kind network that is backed by complete eco system.

Compatibility + -

To leapfrog on the thriving development community, we have decided to build on top of Ethereum protocol. Many successful endeavors have chosen to comply with the EVM, not 2 The Internet of value only because of the ease of development but also because it is a battle-hardened and reliable network that has been demonstrably secure for several years now.

Stake-based Governance + -

Since the majority of scalable blockchain solutions are moving towards several different modes of Proof of Stake, the Marvellex blockchain will also adapt the same philosophy to be more eco-friendly and efficient. Staking will also allow all the stakeholders to have a say in the major decisions for the direction of the network, such as updating the network or changes in network parameters like fees, etc.

Accessibility + -

More than 90% of the world’s population still has no access to blockchain applications and digital asserts mainly because of legal and usability challenges. Marvellex technologies are user-friendly and legally compliant, eventually increasing global blockchain adoption.

Marvellex Philosophy + -

“Our vision is to build an ecosystem for secure, efficient, and economical creation and exchange of value, powered by scalable blockchain technology.”


At Marvellex, we believe that blockchain is the technology that is going to be the backbone of truly digital economies and that we need to contribute towards overcoming the challenges in its adoption. Right now, currencies on the blockchain are neither good enough mediums of value or exchange due to price volatility and uncertain future. However, great strides are being made in the race to bring blockchain to the mainstream. We want the blockchain space to be globally accessible and easy for everyone to get into. Moreover, we want currencies on-chain to be stable for value creation, storage, and exchange.

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